By virtue of their ultralight weight, super slim design and flexibility, SEDI PV modules have been used on some very innovative products and projects such as the SEDI Solar Jacket, SEDI Solar Containers and Trailers, Rooftop projects, greenhouses, curved canopies, carports and many other references which demand rugged, reliable, light weight flexible, long life Solar PV modules.

Rooftop Solar

SEDI Solar PV Modules are installed on a wide range of rooftops where conventional solar panels are either too heavy, cannot conform to the curves and shapes, do not get the correct angle of installation, are subject to stress of high wind speeds or could be damaged easily due to hailstorms or sand storms. In some projects, SEDI PV modules are installed on rooftops simply because they provide a much more aesthetic cladding over a roof and in most cases invisible from the ground.

Greenhouses & Eco-Sustainable Houses

SEDI Solar PV Modules find easy application for greenhouses, especially in warmer climates since such structures are generally made of light weight material like GI pipes with transparent PVC sheets layered over. The lightweight and flexible SEDI PV modules can be easily riveted to the GI pipes without any significant structural load or stress, providing clean and in some cases, off-grid energy to power greenhouse fans, pumps and lights without blocking valuable sunlight. SEDI Solar PV technology helps reduce carbon footprint and even provide off grid living and sustenance by virtue of their ultra-light weight, flexibility, long life and low maintenance technology. SEDI collaborates with leading Eco-Homes developers to provide a easy to install, ready to ship homes especially for luxury eco-resorts in national parks and protected areas around the world.


SEDI Jackets and Towers are used extensively in remote locations or locations where main grid power is expensive or impossible to install. Only SEDI technology and design can provide the high reliability, low maintenance guarantees that Telecom operators demand, since their equipment needs to be operational 24/7/365. SEDI Jackets and towers by virtue of their vertical alignment require very little cleaning and occupy negligible real estate.


SEDI Solar Jackets are unsurpassed in their reliability, ruggedness, vandal resistance and very low maintenance when it comes to installing critical surveillance equipment such as CCTV and sensors especially for surveillance, border security and homeland security. Operators worldwide are switching to SEDI Solar Jackets after discovering the huge benefits they get with low maintenance, longer MTBFs, vandal-resistant design and remote operation and monitoring capability offered by the SEDI Jacket.

Oil & Gas Industry

Remote oil field sensors and transmission units are crucial to smooth operation in the O&G industry. SEDI Solar Jackets provides uninterrupted energy with a high level of reliability and comfort to the operators who can count on thousands of hours of maintenance free operation and of course, just as valuable savings in money.

Vehicle Power

SEDI PV Modules are ideal for vehicles such as cars and buses since they are light weight, slim and flexible and can be flush mounted on the roof. Such an installation offers very low wind resistance or drag while the vehicle is in motion. Further as SEDI Solar Modules are completely waterproof, they are perfectly suited for installation on even boats and off shore Oil rigs for reliable long life operation.

Carports, Shelters & Displays

The flexible rugged, ultralight weight SEDI PV modules allows architects, engineers and designers build lighter, more aesthetic and much more economical metal frames and structures to mount these solar panels on, to provide not only shelter but also valuable clean energy. SEDI Modules are installed on bus shelters, carports and even display boards providing backlit display for night time information.

Rapidly deployable solar energy

Due to SEDI Solar PV unique properties of ultra-light weight, ultra-thin, flexible, rugged surface and ability to collect energy even from reflected and diffused sunlight, SEDI has developed a range of unique solutions such as the SEDI Solar Trailer, the SEDI Rural Solar Wagon and the SEDI Solar Energy Container. These solutions provide clean, reliable and safe energy solutions for situations where rapid deployment is essential, such as military applications, construction sites, telecommunication sites, disaster relief and temporary power for any purpose.