Our Products

Our SEDI Solar products are revolutionary in design and offer a wide range of possibilities that hitherto was not available to the consumer. SEDI combines intrinsic design and fabrication knowledge along with our unique lightweight, flexible and durable Solar panel to provide custom-designed energy solutions for rapid deployment, for light weight structures, for isolated locations requiring zero or low maintenance and a myriad of other applications in the most demanding situations.

SEDI Solar Jacket

The most innovative off-grid solar solution on the market today.

Complete and integrated Solar power source mounted on any pole. This product is ideal for powering small but critical components in the field such as CCTV cameras, transmitters, sensors, 4G and WAN devices, measuring devices etc. SEDI Solar Jackets provide reliable uninterrupted power 24×7, 365 days with little or no field maintenance required.

Unique Micro-lens surface technology Solar PV Modules to support vertical installation on almost any pole. By nature of its vertical streamline design, the product is virtually maintenance free and offers very good aerodynamics to reduce wind resistance.

Toughened, treated Solar modules are resistant to scratch or damage. Flexible nature prevents damage during transport and installation. The Solar Jacket is stackable on the same pole for additional power requirements.

Battery, Solar controller, and Data switch are all installed within the Solar Jacket frame, high up on the pole, providing not only shelter from the weather, but also protection from vandalism. Enough space to add additional components such as data storage devices, WAN/4G routers etc.

SEDI Solar Jacket is designed to allow nearly 12 hours of direct sunlight as well as diffused sunlight providing more power generation than conventional panels of the same size. A single SEDI Jacket produces 1.44kW power per day. SEDI Jackets use very long life LiFePO4 Batteries to provide 24×7, 365 day reliable and uninterrupted power source for critical in-field devices.

SEDI Solar Jackets can be operated from -20˚ C to +60 ˚ C. The Jackets are designed with unique features to handle the harshest climates including dessert, snow, hail and wind. The SEDI solar Jacket offers a 10 year product warranty covering controller, hardware and software*.

SEDI proprietary User Software is loaded within the Solar controller and through the embedded web-box operators can remote connect to one or more SEDI Solar jackets for monitoring, data gathering and remote control. SEDI Software offers open APIs to integrate with third party products like data switches and sensors.

SEDI Solar Trailers

SEDI ultra-light and ultra-slim PV modules are ideal to be installed on purpose-built box trailers, or carriages which will house the battery, inverter, and even standby generator as per customer specifications.

The SEDI solar modules are mounted on purpose-designed metal rustproof cantilever frame assembly that can be manually folded out or slid out of the cabin to create a fan like structure around the trailer during sunlight hours. The same structure is then neatly folded back or slid back into the cabin after sunset, or during transportation.

The SEDI Solar trailers are built to customer specifications. The SEDI Box Trailer has adequate space and rigidity to support a 4-meter telescopic mast for CCTV surveillance or radio transmission applications. Alternatively, or additionally customer can request to mount 4 x LED lights for site works and emergency lights at remote locations. An optional Diesel Gen-set connected Hybrid SEDI Trailer is also available.The SEDI Rural Solar Trailer use locally available rural carriages available in-country and with German engineering and SEDI solar technology create a rapidly deployable, light weight solar energy source for farmers, and rural contractors anywhere in the world.

Solar Containers

SEDI Solar Containers are the worlds first and only fully mobile, rapidly deployable clean energy storage solutions (CLESS)that can be deployed on the field within 2 hrs and packed and loaded for transportation in less than half that time.

The SEDI Solar containers uses the unique SEDI light weight, ruggedized PV modules which are installed on a bespoke metal reinforced framework which is designed to be fully deployed manually by 2 personnel.

Based on customer specifications, the SEDI Solar Containers can be designed and built on the 20’, 40’ and 40HT’ container versions and can provide 30kW, 60kW, 90kW, 130kW. The system is designed as a fully integrated Plug & Play solution with the inverter, battery backup and battery management system all installed within the container. The ESS is generally comprised of Lithium Cells, but customers may opt for cheaper though heavier and less efficient Lead Gel cells as well.

SEDI Solar Containers can provide multiple power outputs of 12/24/48VDC, 230VAC and 110VAC based on customer requirements.

The SEDI Solar containers are certified to be seaworthy by leading marine survey companies so that the container can ship conveniently worldwide. Easy to transport and mobilize, it can be moved on a large flatbed trailer or on a cargo ship.

The SEDI Solar container is truly a fully off-grid 24/7, 365 day reliable energy source, ideal for disaster relief, military operations in remote areas, powering emergency critical infrastructure, farming, telecommunications, and water irrigation projects.

NGOs such as UN, US Aid and other aid agencies can utilize the services of a SEDI Container Solution to generate sufficient power to support a small village in Africa or Asia. It can be deployed and packed up within a couple of hours.