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The basic idea was
to create a solar-wind-system
that can produce maximum energy

With photovoltaic modules which are not covered by dust and dirt or snow and therefore always able to deliver full power.The alignment between East and West, sunrise and sunset, optimized for the low standing morning and evening sun, yet highly effective at lunchtime and in overcast conditions. With an additional wind generator and a minimum of wind load a maximum of energy can be generated even if there is no sun. With a special photovoltaic module without glass and aluminium, with lens technology and anti-dirt coating which has highly succeeded in providing an efficient, long-living and especially lightweight module.

About Us

The basic idea was to create a system that can produce maximum energy with minimal wind load; on which the photovoltaic modules are not covered by dust, dirt or snow and therefore always able to deliver full power.

The batteries should not be exposed to the top of a box, the sun or below the bottom of the water and the arbitrariness of theft.
But they should be protected directly in the system, installed above on all the specified criteria. Again, the subject was on light, durability and temperature resistance.
Many projects failed due to the lack of safety, of a fail-safe power supply and the capacity of the memory.

We have pooled our resources and developed such a system.
That which has emerged looks completely different from anything there has been.
However, it includes all the points we have set ourselves as a basis for development, to meet the need of our customers' projects.

Through test installations has been confirmed that our concept works properly before it went into production.
In comparison to conventional south-facing systems we produce 15% more energy on sunny days and up to 50% more energy on cloudy days.
A new battery technology with high performance and low weight and a controller with cloud system specially designed to be able to read the data from the system easily are used.
Proven is that the battery temperature in our systems is only 2° C above the temperature measured local shadow.

We have created a product which is revolutionary and innovative in the world market and which has been not yet available.
So we can offer series products with a solar power from 224 watts to 5,000 watts and a battery storage of 1,000 watts to 30,000 watts.
Our product offers more performance and memory in these dimensions than any other systems available on the market.
You will see the results on the following pages.


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