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FAQ English

May 27, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hybrid?

Hybrid is a system which two technologies are combined in.

In our case:

  • Photovoltaic is the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy and
  • Wind energy, also called “wind power” is a renewable energy source.

Therefore, the kinetic energy of the moved air masses is used.

What is an RAPS / Off-Grid-System?

A Remote Access Power System / Off-Grid-System is a power generation system which is independent from the power grid.

What is new about this system ?

  • 1-10 Module a´ 125 Wp in East orientation
  • 1-10 Module a´ 125 Wp in West orientation
  • The East West System additionally uses the first and the last sunbeam as well as the whole day within all modules for the power generation.
  • With an overcast sky this new assembly concept shows all its strengths.
    All modules produce the same amount of energy, and in total they are 2,5 times as effective as a perfectly aligned module.
  • Use of high-performance solar modules with lenticular technology
  • Wind generator with adjustable plowing, unique in this class
  • High performance LiFePo4 Akkus which are in otherwise installed in aircrafts only and still can be charged at minus 20°
  • Innovative Cloud-based load regulation and control
  • stainless steel mast, statically calculated and checked with all mounting hardware
  • Statically calculated foundation plan (optional with finished welded probation)
  • Pre-assembled transport and easy assembly
  • Simple tilting device for installation and for later maintenance
  • Intelligent dimmable lighting
  • Integrated day / night camera system with analysis and notification system
  • On request USB port, hotspot and 24V socket
  • Individual project related adjustment

How much power can this hybrid system produce per year?

This is not exactly determinable. It depends on some factors as irradiation values and location.

Is the system expandable?

Yes, ask us! We have already accomplished some concepts very successfully.

Can the hybrid system also be monitored remotely?

Yes, that’s possible. Especially for this system we have made develop an extensive and comfortable Cloud system, so the system’s capacity is controllable. By means of a web browser it is possible to monitor all data of the system.

Why is the mast made of stainless steel and not of cheaper galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is a kind of steel covered with a zinc coating which is only a few micrometers thick. This zinc coating can degrade over time, when assembling and during operation the zinc coating might be damaged, and sometime the steel ist not protected any longer.
Stainless steel on the contrary is under normal conditions and permanently unable to fix rust, and therefore long-term the cheaper version.

Is a building permit necessary?

Uniform rules for the approval of small wind power systems / hybrid systems do not exist. The approval for the construction of hybrid systems in residential areas is more difficult than in industrial, rural or mixed areas.

There are two kinds of Exemption from the permit

  • Exemption of process
    The hybrid system can be set up without the notification of the Building Authority.
  • Permit exemption
    The Building Authority must be informed about the proposed installation the hybrid system.

More Information:

german rules for small wind power systems

We always recommend to inform the authorities and residents. After the confirmation of the order you will receive all documents which are necessary for a construction ad. If you receive an injunction of course you can resign the purchase.

Who will help with problems and questions?

The SEDi GmbH have

  • an experienced staff and
  • access to all support structures of our worldwide acting deliverers of components.

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